The Death Of Nipper Read 

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Reg told me that Ron was not very easy within his company, and would have liked to have said a few more discerning fitting words to this man. Reg stood in the way, knowing that all the feelings of the past must be cleared, and that both men needed to see a different viewpoint as to the reasons why so much time was placed within the wall of incarceration.

The Krays never wish to see him again.  The art of forgiveness still needs to be, but within time who knows.

To continue on revenge within the spirit, does not bring hope for man to evolve. No matter who we are, how we live these lives, forgiveness is the key to finding peace.

Both Reg and Ron are working to understand the reasons of life and adjusting to their circumstances of knowledge of the higher self and it's holy order within the soul.

After sleep state, when Mr. Read awakes, he will be given the opportunity to understand his life, just as we all do. That will be his personal choice. If he chooses to understand himself, then who knows maybe they may meet again!

The death of Nipper Read, the police officer in the Met Police London.

Since Nipper Read has been in the spirit, I asked both Reg and Ron how the situation has been since they have met him. Reg told me that Mr. Read had arrived safely into his new life, and that both he and Ron were looking to make contact before he was placed into sleep state.

Both men went to see him, to see the outcome of all their fears of being incarcerated for so many years, due to this man arresting them in 60s.

Mr. Read was somewhat taken back with being exposed to them so early on after his death, but the twins were not willing to wait any longer. Mr. Read felt no remorse towards them. He felt that both men had served their sentence with dignity and that past events should stay within the past as he had followed his job description to the letter and still felt their sentences was justified.

All men shock hands and stated that bygones should be bygones.

My Connection to The Kray Twins

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My connections to the Kray twins goes back into my childhood with my father, being one of the Billy Boys, who served time in prison and gave the press front page news!

I have memories of Reg and Ron, sitting on Reggie’s lap in the Lyon tea rooms and Ron placing half a crown into my hand for sweets, which was a lot of money to an eight-year-old!, two very nice men, quietly spoken, suited and booted along with my father .

Years passed and my father kept contact up until his death in the seventies, Reg and Ron would write to me sometimes, but  what seemed the impossible, became the possible.

My destiny has always been to serve spirit and mankind. My career led me into the spiritualist churches, where I met many spirit mediums, but none shone as bright as the late Doris Stokes. From the moment we met our paths were joined and I gained insight into many things.  Doris and I worked together over the next few years as we were both managed by the late Laurie O’Leary, the manager who turned Doris into a house hold name, and took her to see the Kray twins when both were incarcerated to have contact with their mother, Violet. Both the twins had a belief in the afterlife; Reggie reports that he had a connection with spirit, at his lowest he heard his wife Frances call to him, and on a separate occasion he knew Ron was going to die. His mother also visited him from spirit, to give hope and reassurance and not to give up upon his darkest hour.

During 2004 on tour, while being with a  associate,  a man walked in from spirit; a large built, kind in his wording gentlemen, who wanted to give a message to his nephew, The man was Frank Mitchell, who was famously murdered by the Kray’s.

Once his nephew explained who he was and his family’s history, I then told him my own connections with the Krays. We were both stunned! Frank returned the following week bringing more family members, and messages were given. all of a sudden the family stepped to one side  in front of me was Reggie and Ronnie Kray.

 Reg took the lead giving Information on their crimes and asking for help, for the victims and their families that had lost there lives due to them.. They visited regularly after that, adding information  but at the time it was too much for me to handle, so I refused to help them.. 

Years passed and again Reg visited me with Ron. Reg would ask me to serve them in spirit, to heal wounds of old and to set them free, as well as those in the living. The families of the victims whom were killed by their hands. Again, I had to refuse. I had nowhere to go with this information.

Fast forward in to 2017, and Reggie never wanting to give up, returned back asking for me to help both him and Ron.

During this time in my life I was wanting something new, to see a different view, so I took up the challenge, in what has become a whirlwind of information about there lives and crimes.

Our souls  had drawn us together so many times. From that moment, I heard the truth about these men, their amazing stories and how they became who they were, and still are today. 

Both twins have spoken on the way it was back then; the murders, the clubs, the payouts and the mafia, why neither of them were let out of incarceration, having served so much time within those walls. They have spoken on their dealings in the Clubs, the excitement of the huge stars and their connections. Reg has spoken about his Son and daughter and grandchildren, and so much more.

There have been countless books, documentaries and films on their lives, but now without judgment, the boys wish the truth to be said from the heavens. I am just a scribe and voice of contact between the two worlds. I promised both men that the truth on all thing's concerning their lives would be told if said to me.

So this is just a few words of what has been spoken already....

  • Francis’s life with him and her suicide; I have spoken to Francis who is such a lovely woman. She is  young at heart but was blinded by Reg and frankly never stood a chance. She and Reg are not together in spirit. She resided with her own family; the Sheas.

  • The Kray family; Violet, Charlie Senior and Charlie Junior have spoken on several occasions, concerning the twins earthly life.

  • The Mitchell family have spoken and Frank himself on his murder.

  •  Jack Mcvitie has spoken to me and tried to tell me where his body is but this is still ongoing.

  • Teddy Smith; Both the twins have stated that it was Ron who killed Teddy Smith by strangling him and how they had their hands on the murder of a famous boxer called Freddie Mills.

In life you chose to say what you think you can get away with. In spirit, you only have one way, the truth. Reg Kray is not holding back from a past that trapped him. He now wants to show a different way of life can be found. I've not met a man like Reg before; so full of character, life and love. He is seeking a life that he believes was lost. A man, whom has stood the test of time and is still standing!

I can't speak on Ron to much as it's been Reg who has mostly come through. Ron being Ron is always wanting a cup tea or coffee with a slice of cake when he comes in, however funny that may sound.

 Reg has a running commentary daily, he loves music, reading and sport! We speak on major issues of the day, and he has his own opinions on many matters, we laugh a lot! Now and again he asks me for a dance, which takes me by surprise as he can actually dance!

 Reg doesn't like looking back talking too much on the past, he lives in the present and knowing his own abilities in the spirit, he has created a world for himself, choosing to live and love a life even though spirit.

Reg has changed greatly since being in spirit. He sees things quite clearly now. He understands the reasons they did what they did and how we are all connected. However, I do believe from talking to him, he changed his thought back in life to accommodate his surroundings. By being within those walls his own strength of character changed. Reg took on a battle with life; from the gangland boss to his true self, his own soul. Reg has stated he did find peace within himself, but as human's we all have demons within, so the peace Reg has now is different to what he felt upon earth. Reg had to keep the persona up of being Reggie Kray, but a large part of him was wishing to be set free.

I've asked Reg if he wishes me to contact anyone such as family or friends back here in life. His reply was, if anyone whom knew him in life wishes contact then he would be happy to talk to them.

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I've been asked if they have any remorse for their crimes; The crimes themselves took their lives, being incarcerated for so long.  The Krays lives were slowly drawn to a death. Even though both men would say they knew how to run the establishment they were under, and the people around them with their manipulation skills, still each man has lived with hurt and pain, buried deep into the soul.

 I do believe that both men were never given the privilege of forgiveness, to allow them to be set free. It is impossible to remain in prison for thirty years and to avoid being institutionalised to some degree, but Reg has told me he fought hard to maintain his own physical and mental state.

You cannot escape the truth of your life, the right and the wrongs. All pay at death. No-one is free from sin.

I'm honored to know these men, not just Reg and Ron but Frank and Jack. These men know they can bring about a positive from a negative. All are still very much alive. I'm blessed to serve and speak to souls like these men who continue to serve along with us all. Creation comes in many forms, but mostly from love and forgiveness.

As my connection with Reg continues to grow, what happens to this is laid in spirits hands. It is not about money, but how we as humans can gain an insight to the lives we live here upon earth and what we do with the time we are given.

Working with Reg has been rewarding spiritually; to see a soul grow, knowing we all have the ability of change within us. due to so much information on their lives Reg has started to write a book through myself hoping that the truth may be told and that hope will always prevail.


Iso it continues...