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Reggie Kray

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The Untold Story

Over my life time I've been give the opportunity of working on cold cases from murders to missing people, to finding dead bodies.

However, this chapter has become quite exceptional, due to the information regarding the notorious gangsters Ronnie and Reggie Kray, their lives and crimes while living and since their deaths in 1995 and 2000.

Due to my fathers connections being one of the Original Billy Boys serving London's crime world working for Jack Spot and Billy Hill and later the Kray twins. The rest is history.....

In 2004 first contact was made from spirit and I know these souls to be Reggie and Ronnie Kray.

At this time I was unable to give the twins any form of help in dealing with the needs that was being seeked. And frankly had no intention to do so within there world of criminal activity, and felt that these should remain silent in the grave due to there crimes.

But since 2004 , both men have been seeking my help regarding information on there lives and crimes back in the sixties constantly, Reggie Kray, being the lead, speaking the truth on all matters concerning there deaths, incarceration, murders and crimes. 

As Reggie Kray has been forth coming with information on these matters, and that this was held within spirits control, what was to become of this. Why would the heavens allow these words to be spoken back to humanity as this has never taken place in such an open forum. (As normally is held within the families regarding the information.) It is here I wish you to note, that I am a elite channel working within the spirit with sixty years experience, to gain information regarding life here on earth, working within government agencies to gain access to higher information on life, death and purpose for all. I laid down Agenda 21 back in the 80s which President senior George Bush signed the world into in 92. I am regarded to be the best in my field and would only honour the dead in this manner if the purpose was shown.....

Reason one.. To show for the first time in man's history of what becomes of such humans upon death, when such deeds in life are committed. As most of you believe such people go to hell, even though humanity knows nothing of what really happens and frankly has become a biblical tale of heaven and hell.... So then I need you to expect the unexpected...

Reason two.. To show that no matter who and what you are in life, by given the circumstance of your births, it does not become the making of you, and that your lives are only witnessed in a very short time line which is just a small part of the experience of what life has to offer you this time round.

Reason three.. To help such souls, resolve and honour the life however lived. To gain the inside strength of the depths of the thoughts that were so carelessly thrown away. To understand the nature of being human, the true self, and why we do what we do to ourselves and others.


Reason four.. To complete the circle of life and death, to bring into being the circumstance of what deeds were done to refresh the life( return back to life) to comply to the universe of natural law that keep us bound within , live, die, repeat. And when ready to come back fully aware of a new life in all its glory.

Reason five.. Reggie kray had felt it was time to unburden the life lived to seek to expose himself to humanity to show not only his way forward within the spirit, but to help those in need. A man whom has stood the test of time, and delivered himself to the spirit, not knowing what would become of him. Would he be in hell, or would he be saved.

Reggie kray over many years has visited myself regarding his life, and we have spoken on many matters. Reggie reason for doing so is.. To put the record straight and show that whatever you want in life, love and honour, you must first start with yourself. So I am pleased to show Mr Reggie Kray a way forward, by being the channel for the goodness of placing peace within those whom lives were taken. However as Reg is Reg! And not wanting to remain asleep, he wishes you all to know that he is very much alive and willing to tell his story from the grave..

So what has he spoken on so far...

  1. The Kray family and the life, The shea family.

  2. His brother's, wives and children.

  3. The firm and it's dealings ,The murders, the crimes, the punishment.

  4. The safe deposit boxes... (Photos, papers, contracts, reels of video, money, jewellery, gold )

  5. The Beatles and Brian Epstein

  6. Stephen Ward, Christine Keeler and the Profumo affair.

  7. His incarceration, the sex stuff, the boys, the circumstances in Ron flat.


 I have also spoken to Francis Kray, Frank Mitchell and Jack Mcvitie. Sharing their own individual stories of what took place.


This is just the tip of a mountain of information on what I possess now, as once he started talking he hasn't stopped!!

I hope you will join myself and Reg Kray on this journey of self discovery of a human being in all forms, a man whom has lived died and has returned and how he see his life today.

I intend to bring the information to life by holding live questions and answers and a video on social media, interviews and personal contact.. If you knew the boys and wish an audience with Reg then please get in contact on my email address....

Please stay tuned for more information coming soon.

The Death Of Nipper Read 

The death of Nipper Read, the police officer in the Met Police London.

Since Nipper Read has been in the spirit, I asked both Reg and Ron how the situation has been since they have met him. Reg told me that Mr. Read had arrived safely into his new life, and that both he and Ron were looking to make contact before he was placed into sleep state.

Both men went to see him, to see the outcome of all their fears of being incarcerated for so many years, due to this man arresting them in 60s.

Mr. Read was somewhat taken back with being exposed to them so early on after his death, but the twins were not willing to wait any longer. Mr. Read felt no remorse towards them. He felt that both men had served their sentence with dignity and that past events should stay within the past as he had followed his job description to the letter and still felt their sentences was justified.

All men shock hands and stated that bygones should be bygones.

Reg told me that Ron was not very easy within his company, and would have liked to have said a few more discerning fitting words to this man. Reg stood in the way, knowing that all the feelings of the past must be cleared, and that both men needed to see a different viewpoint as to the reasons why so much time was placed within the wall of incarceration.

The Krays never wish to see him again.  The art of forgiveness still needs to be, but within time who knows.

To continue on revenge within the spirit, does not bring hope for man to evolve. No matter who we are, how we live these lives, forgiveness is the key to finding peace.

Both Reg and Ron are working to understand the reasons of life and adjusting to their circumstances of knowledge of the higher self and it's holy order within the soul.

After sleep state, when Mr. Read awakes, he will be given the opportunity to understand his life, just as we all do. That will be his personal choice. If he chooses to understand himself, then who knows maybe they may meet again!

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