The world we live in has always been governed from the heaven's and universe, however you perceive this world to operate. Even in President Lincoln’s time, when he was given the keys to control the outside of the earth, from what you now know as the 'New World Order', 'The Family' was born, bringing about the fourteen families that would ultimately control human man's existence upon earth.

The Russians have always lead the way forward with America following behind on the paranormal and seeking great mediums to work within an area of secrecy. How many of you know that Hitler used three mediums from Austria, even though they would have reported the outcome to his end? 

You may only know mediums for connecting to your loved ones in spirit, but that is just the tip of the iceberg, if they are well trained and exceptional in their abilities. I am lucky enough to work with my abilities outside of a parapet of control, so I am able to speak on many things of the heaven's and earth.

If you haven't read Agenda 21, then please do so. It resides on the EU website.

This will impact all of your lives in time to come. A new Era has began.

Throughout my career as a spirit medium and channel, I have been called upon for many different issues worldwide. I am regarded as a multi-dimensional channel.

I have channeled higher information for world government agencies since the eighties as a paranormal advisor and from those times most of the events have happened! I have held open sessions across the UK talking on mankind's future due to my knowledge and ability to channel information on Agenda 21, with Red Cloud.

Working with such organisations has changed my outlook of the spiritual movement, and quite early on I could see so much was left out of man's knowledge on these matters of life and death.

If you travel back through history, you will see all the leaders of world countries have used channels/mediums and ‘advisors’. It is no different in today’s world.

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