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The Elite - The Black Watchers

The Elite were born into existence with the first being the knights temple's. The first to want to control humanity and bring down the church. As history reports, the church killed them, mostly by burning to death on a date which will ring bells to you, known as Friday 13th. Unlucky for some! Since then, all of whatever secret society has been created, has covered all what they were about. Trying to find away of controlling and gaining power over those who could be used for there own end. 

Since the beginning you have been controlled by those whom laid with human woman. Placing us in a trap of sin and eternal life, instead of ever lasting life, which would free us of death, giving the species the right to evolve, to have the freedom we deserve naturally.

The species are the Fallen Angels, as written about in holy scripture... the Elohim/ Nephilim.. Sent to earth to teach man everything he could know of knowledge, by showing you how to live forever. They Remained here for thousand of years upon the earth, only leaving due to the greed of man, and laying with human woman, were banished to the heavens.

Fleeing to the universe, unable to return, due to the sin which was committed, to there God.. Lucifer/Enlil. They took control of the species and turned our lives against us, trapping us in a life that had no freedom to evolve to become great. And so a slow existence of life entered Into a programmed, you call soul, a series of patterns to keep you returning, keep you forever in the dark of not understanding what your lives are all about, and giving you a belief pattern that you have to die. 

Humans are the only known species to live in this darkness, knowing you have to die.

The Angels brought in the moon, much information has been found regarding how the moon was never there, in old Tibetan writings and other tribes upon the earth, the moon, a mothership, which gives them a holding over man's consciousness and physical body, 're your emotions and creation...bleeding, energy, thoughts, magnetics, birth and death the list is huge! The known planets of where these species have come from are mostly .. Orion. however Lucifer has been know to inhabit Nibiru and Draco which All of the Reptilians races live within..

War is unheard of In the universe, as once dead, it's over! There no afterlife matrix like what's placed for us, or should I say a controlled system of us living In constantly... Live, die, repeat. Trapped. 


All alien life has one thing in common... It's about THEM not you.. firstly the planet then themselves.

So what's the truth of all this... your original coding is SOUL. . Which is how I work, right from your Program/Code It's trapped you in life, death and repeat... what's coming is a up grade of humanity to add a new coding to, firstly control your senses...

But in respect they already do this! Since birth you have been programmed to except your lot, and there's very few of you who think out of the box.  This is due to with what written has to be.. ( if words are written by them, it has to be, its been signed off. So Some of you are ungovernable by the matrix, as your not human, and this is How spirit and ETs are able to contact you, due to you having a different coding added on birth. 

The Elite have been told to clean up the world. So to be able to manage the species, to place you in a control system.

So now the future for us all is changing fast, from the loss of the cash in your pockets to how you can travel and what to eat and drink.

And if you don't believe this just wait a while ..its coming.

The result is now you  have had These vaccines, which is now showing that the death toll upon taking this unknown drug, has brought so many of you to your deaths, and so it will continue to do so, and causing so many of you all to be unwell. 

The reason for taking it that was given to humanity was nothing but a lie, a Hoax, of bringing you into a  fear state, which in its self came  complete madness of the people.

The information given  and the real reason of the nature for this Hoax to happen was to bring about a quality of life that is governed by laws that control your every days here and the here after.

The way of life changes now, with them being ordered to up grade the species to this new" Frequencies "that giving you a new sense of depth of perception of what you see, hear and feel

You are born complete with all your immune system in place, you do not need to take on board anything to break this down. You were born simple beings in ALL FORMS do not destroy what was given .

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