The Elite - The Black Watchers

The Elite were born into existence with the first being the knights temple's. Being the first to want to control humanity and bring down the church. As history reports, the church killed them, mostly by burning to death on a date which will ring bells to you, known as Friday 13th. Unlucky for some! Since then, all of whatever secret society has been created, has covered all what they were about. Trying to find away of controlling and gaining power over those who could be used for there own end. Some have turned up in circles speaking of me even mentioning my name! Which has made me laugh.

Since the beginning of being the children of the nephilim, we have not been left to all of our desires, history reports information of great disaster world wide, which have come from space, this has shown two things, firstly a hidden hand 're God/ET and secondly the sun changeable rays and it magnetic fields, shows how our planet sits within the universe.

So beginning to end of the species, we have been controlled by those whom laid with human woman. Placing us in a trap of sin and enternal life, instead of ever lasting life, which would free us of death, giving the species the right to evolve, and have the freedom we deserve naturally.

So this species are know as the Fallen Angels the Elohim.. Sent to earth to teach man everything he could know of knowledge, by showing you how to live forever. They Remained here for thousand of years upon earth, only leaving due to the greed of man, and laying with human woman, were banished to the heavens/space.

Fleeing to the universe, unable to return, due to the sin which was committed, to there God. So they took control of the and turned our lives against us, trapping us in a life that had no freedom to evolve to become great. And so a slow existence of life entered Into a programme, you call it soul, a series of patterns to keep you returning, keep you forever in the dark of not understanding what your lives are all about, and giving you a belief pattern of hope and faith, of conceiving that you just except that you have to die. Because that's just how it is... Isn't it!

Humans are the only known species to live in this darkness, knowing you have to die, so other species have tried to come close to this existence, to help you to see your so much more, trying to help you obtain your freedom again.

The Angels brought in the moon, much information has been found regarding how the moon was never there, in old Tibetan writtings and other tribes upon the earth, the moon, a mothership, which gives them a holding over man's consciousness and physical body, 're your emotions and creation...bleeding, energy, thoughts, magnetics, birth and death the list is huge! They reside within the Moon and Orion.

I can hear you saying,.. Why haven't they been taken out? They belong to a species of great importance, the Draconians, within the universe and of great power, if any other form interlocked to interfere, they themselves would be taken down, and the matrix would also include them and so we as humans have been left to work this out for ourselves.

War is unheard of In the universe, as once dead, it's over! There no afterlife matrix like what's placed for us, or should I say a controlled system of us living In constantly... Live, die, repeat!

So those whom have hoped for better, with guts and determination, one being our own selves... 're Spirit, trying to explain how this life works, 're spiritual/ religious information, giving clues for man to work it out. It's just you have it all So mixed up.. You have belived someone going to save you, or you can save yourself, you really haven't stood a chance. Everything in these realms are controlled greatly, so you would get something, but leaving out the importance bits.... Like this nutty acension stuff at this moment! You were told that your going to rise... Yes that's correct, you were told that your DNA would change... True.. The bit they NEVER TOLD YOU WAS HOW! So here it comes.. In a form you could never image... That's the difference of knowing REAL information within the Elite and them using and seeing you as idiots! No disrespect, but your all going to go falling off a cliff soon enough with all this Looney stuff.. Your quite unbelievable at times, so taken in by the matrix, you have expected that if it's off planet it's got to be good.

ALL ETs have one thing in common... It's about THEM not you. None of you work in such government security services, none of you have a clearance to speak on such matters, and I can Asure you, if I didn't I wouldn't even go there. You really all need to take a step back, allow you all to make your own judgment on everything that's about to take place. Spirit will ALWAYS take you in hand, it's there job, not one of you are left on your own.

Do not think of such times, of damnation or extermination, as this is for the beginning of the species to arise, yes it may take a lot of time, but to know your future human will not have to die and live forever has to start somewhere and this is it. For humanity to join the stars.

I do not listen to those, whom in respect, know nothing, I have been used for over fifty years for the greater good of humanity and will always place you first in all my works.

So since President Lincoln, the Elite started to grow to bring power back to the species.. This Is the reason he was assassinated! So to take the control back. However within their system they themselves would yet again be under the control of these beings, handling there bidding, knowing if they joined such secret society they could only leave on death, and also being trapped by the system.

I know you are told these are evil to the core and that they wish to bring man down to his death, but that isn't quite right. This is reportedly by those who cannot get off earth information, and just see them as a control system that's trying to suppress you in every way.

These so called folk, who have in respect know nothing of the plan, unless they themselves are caught up within the security services and haven't told you!...because there working both side of the coin!

So what's the truth of all this...

Firstly your original coding is soul... It's trapped you in life, death and repeat...

In what's coming is a up grade of humanity to add a new coding to .


Firstly control your senses...

But in respect they already do this! Since birth you have been programmed to except your lot, and there's very few of you who think out of the box. As your seeing right now. This is due to with what written has to be.. ( if words are written by them, it has to be, its been signed off, off planet, the secret is working around it all,) So Some of you are ungovernable by the system of the matrix, as your not human, and this and ONLY this is How spirit and ETs are able to contact you due to you having a different coding added on birth. I know you think your special to be able to channel, but in reality it's quite a normal thing from where I come from.

Now with what's coming is to upgrade your senses, it's the very first, since the cross breeding of you took place, making you the children of the Nephilim.

Now in reality they needed not to tell you anything, they could have just put stuff in the water, you wouldn't have been no wiser.... Would you! As I've said the ruling for humanity is, that what ever they do to you, ( the Elite) you must be told first... This cannot be broken.. Never!

The Elite have been told to clean up the WORLD. So with regards to getting you in control, to be able to manage the species, to place you in a control system, so it's the next step of living here to help man avoid death i.e what is written in scripture, being the 144,000 who live forever and take your place in the universe. So here's the start.. Yes I know you don't believe in these scriptures anymore but it's never changed, they have ALWAYS been looking at you, you just thought you knew best.

You believe your born to die, so why bother with stuff that couldn't be proven, so you have lived in denial all your life, hoping that there maybe something waiting on death, the hope you may see your loved ones again. And so it continues.....

In reality the judgment of what you do in life is up to you, as your only under one law.. Cause and effect. Your call...well so you think! It's there's actually, but you won't see this.... Because you think your free beings.

The result is you will have These vaccines, to bring about a quality of life that is governed by laws that control your every days here and the here after. The way of life changes now, with them being ordered to up grade the species to this new frequencies that giving you a new sense of depth of perception of what you see, hear and feel. Remember human's are the only species that has emotions, which frankly has crucified you into this existence believing, love is the answer. Which in reality cause you pain and suffering. Yes I know you love each other, but even on this they took them from you.. It's called death!

So if you believe there's a group of men, which there is... The Black Watches.... who are out to get you, just as in the past of history, then all You have to do is wait time, as it will pass.. Isn't that correct..

There's been huge amount of men that wished to conquer the world and it's people. Genghis Khan was the most notorious leader the world ever known, he's history, now like so many after him trying to suppress humanity. If you believe this is there purpose from the black watchers, then you need to think again. They need you to survive, They been told to keep the best, so take out the worst and give humanity a new start, of the purest, to allow them to rise. To find there divinity....

So there starting with your chip.. The coding .This will take time to bring you all into line, and a sterilized program is on the way, so your be only having one child, like what's happening in china and if there's a need.

I know you think, they all out to get you, but in reality this is your wake up call, allowing the species to arise. In one respect there giving you a chance to survive death, however it's the way they drawn up these plans that are so very severe, that concern spirit, so this is why, they wish to state that, it could have been better handled, and that you should be given time to awake to the control of life first, to get a handle on it. Even with so many of you believing there actually a virus outbreak, you need time to gather up information on all facts.. Science, history and governments.

Because it's rolling out so fast, spirit wish to try to slow it down to get you to see the facts first.. Firstly if it was a pandemic most of you would be dead!

Secondly this vaccine will have an impact on your well being.

You are born complete with all your immune system in place, you do not need to take on board anything to break this down. You were born simple beings in ALL FORMS do not destroy what was given to you.

To keep alive and well is spirit most important thing to the human race, do not screw up your heads, so to become depressed and compress your senses... It's all You have .. WHY WOULD YOU DO THIS! IT'S COMPLEAT MADNESS.. Something you cannot never turn back.

So if nothing at all, leave it until your forced to have it.. which will come!

I know within 2 years from now most of all humanity has had this vaccine. But please stand up for the freedom you believe you have, it's your right to breath here, to smell, to taste, to see and hear, don't become down trodden to soon . At least go with a fight!

Many of you have asked me would I have this vaccine...

For those of you who do not know me ...

I have been incarcerated due to my work, I don't live in fear of life, and chose to live, to be free ... So when it comes .. It comes.. But until then, I remain my father's daughter in all senses of the word... He feared nothing, was incarcerated many times and believed to be a free man is all there is, and what we must strive for. He taught me to have dreams that we can live forever, come what may. My father was one of the original Billy boys who worked for Jack spot and Billy hill, then the Krays worked for him, and later he worked for them. So you see, I know what fear is and how great it controls all senses of your being.. You owe it to yourself let alone your ancestors to fight this war your about to enter in. You must learn to play them against this system to see what you do is for future generations to come. You must remain free for as long as you can. Until the end comes, be strong, but see peace, because it will arrive.. It turns up with a new messiah...Lucifer. 

He not as spoken about, he just needed a new PR company! it's a brother thing, they rage war with themselves.... A long story!

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