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Prestige legendary Spirit Medium Susan Devere is celebrating 60 years since her debut show and being in the spotlight of the Spiritual entertainment business, performing as a television performer, and public speaker. Best known for her tours and stage shows, she has continued to maintain relevance, remaining an instantly recognizable figure across the globe.

Born and raised in London, England, Susan abilities were deemed special from an early age of four. Not much fuss was made over these years due to her father's gangland life, and her phenomenal abilities were only to flourish once spirit stepped into her life at the age of eight.

Spirit would channel her work into different areas, from working with the public, to working with world government agencies, from infamous murder cases to cold cases to missing person's. Her debut was back in 70s, when she joined the elite class of spiritual royalty, and delivered Agenda 21 back in the eighties, which President George Bush senior signed the world into, instantly catapulted her into the spiritual elite.

Susan works like no other spirit Channel, as she has been highly trained by the elites of this world within a realm of secret intelligence and highly evolved sources, which since 1983 she has become out spoken on many issues regarding the spiritual world and the myths that lie within this field.

In 1983 she decided to expose the elites way of working for humanity and since then has lead the field with powerful information.


Susan was given the information regarding the program/code ( soul )of the" lives of humanity" and in working has only worked from this way  since the early 90s.

Due to the knowledge Susan holds and channels, she decided to speak up on the truths behind the workings of spiritual awareness and what lays behind it.

It was on this that Susan gave up touring, so to expose the workings of how the Elites have kept and controlled humanity as help those within these fields have knowledge of the truth.

Susan is regarded to be the best in this field of knowledge and grace to help humanity live in harmony and peace.


As well as maintaining a long -standing successful career, Susan is a multiple spiritual artist, and has entertained millions throughout the world through television, radio, live performances and teaching, and is now known as the latter-day new Nostradamus, due to the spot on predictions over the years and lately regarding the Covid -19, the Vaccination program and the future of humanity into the future.

She has influenced countless audiences and benefited an innumerable amount of lives worldwide with contact from loved ones in spirit to you.

Susan has always had great affection for her countless fans and personally keeps in touch daily with the social media.

Susan has a lifetime of experience of love, loss, hope and joy as a representation of her remarkable life.

Susan reside in England 


“For some, such success may be a sufficient reason to rest, if not for the sense of accomplishment, then for the pure exhaustion factor. Don’t ever expect that from Susan


The Old School Way.

I wanted to harness a style of spirituality that lasts forever, to invest and to empower all of humanity. To find freedom in all of the pursuits of life, allowing the inner strength of power to show...

I have no interest in creating false prophecy. If you feel good it shows in all aspects of our wellbeing.

I discovered the love of the "Heritage of Old School" (secret society) working and manifest my vision to curate a lifestyle of purpose and freedom, which translates into defined living in harmony with the program.

Working from spirit to intelligence agencies to murder case these sixty years have shown the power we all posses within.

I'm made in England in the old fashion way. I have obsessed over the truth since I can remember, there is nothing quite like the REAL truth of our lives.

I wanted to breath love and life back into the heritage of the knowledge and transforming your lives quite bold and sharply.


2023:                     World events information regarding humanity future

2023:                     The Kray Twins Back from the Grave.

2018/19:                Eric Hall PR.

​2019                      2 Evolve spiritual development sessions

2018:                     Masterclass Series

​2017:                     Predictions on world events.

2017:                    The world media name Susan the "New Nostradamus"

2017:                     Woman of Spirit Tour

​2017:                     Master Class teaching                             

2016:                     Through The Years tour

2015:                     Spiritrews Q & A. Live on Facebook.

​2014:                     Susan predictions. USA election for President as Trump and exit of the UK leaving Europe

2013-15:               Woman of Spirit tour with Shaun Promotions

2011-12:               The Awakening show

2000-10:               Woman of Spirit tour

2009-10:               An Audience with Susan Devere - Handy TV Promotions

2006-06:               Ipswich Murders case

2003-04:               Is There Anyone Their tour

1990-00:               Circle of Life tour

1995:                    Fred West Murders

1994-98:              Audience with Susan Devere

1994:                    Secrets of the Paranormal TV. BBC series.

1994:                    Audience with Susan DeVere - Laurie O Leary Promotions

​ 1982:                   Agenda 21

1982:                    Toured with Doris Collins

1980:                    Consultancy started- present day.

1976:                    Tour with Doris Stokes

1975-Present       Served with Spiritual Churches UK & Global

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