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This story of mine goes back months before the world knew anything about such crimes being committed!

During one of my smaller circles, three young ladies came in from spirit; Jenny, Allison and Lucy. The girls appeared and reappeared and kept giving information, however cryptic it seemed. Trying to decipher the sight of what I was seeing took time, and as the circle only lasted one hour, I believed the girls would go and not returned – however I was wrong!

Jenny, took the lead, bringing all of the girls together over the coming weeks for the information to be given.

She showed me parts of human remains under baths, in walls and outside. She told me a man and woman were to blame and that all the girls were chosen, not just plucked out of nowhere. That it was the female whom controlled the man, and that they were 'getting off' on these murders as most girls were virgins!

One of the girls was pregnant at the time of her murder, and one was unconscious, but not dead when she was buried!

These murders were sacrifices to whatever these sick individuals, Fred and Rose West, were about. I placed the girl’s names, the who, where, when, what and how into some sort of order to try and make sense of it all.

After months I seemed to have enough information, so through my late husband (who was in intelligence), I tried to do something with it. Jenny, Lucy and Alison stayed with me here and there until the job was done.

I don't believe we as humans need saving or rescuing after such crimes in life. The human plan is awesome and in correct order. I do believe the girls action was for the ending of the ways of Rose and Fred West and their crimes. Peace needed to rain in all accounts here and the girls would not stop until it was done.

I got to know these lovely ladies of great courage and fortitude. It made my heart swell to know souls of such strength, to keep going when all seemed lost! Their lives were loved but they returned to commit to mankind after such loss of their own lives. At the time, spirit had said Mr West wouldn't make trial, and as you know he hung himself.

I've seen Fred West only once. He looked at me but said nothing. I played my part within this, however this is written. It is done now. As for Rose West; she remains incarcerated for life. I believe she was the main culprit in controlling her husband and her family's life, bringing it into what can only be described as great destruction. To who these souls are and what they become in the future is not for us to judge. We are all victims of this life, some make it out not too burnt, for others life burns us alive.


The girls who lost their lives speak on forgiveness. It's humankind's only future of hope; to forgive yourself first before you start elsewhere. This is what the girls contact was all about. Not really finding their bodies, but finding peace within. Letting go. Not at one point have the girls judged the West’s for there demise, of how their lives ended. They accepted it in all accounts that it was written, they held true to the life of their creation.

Months passed and one night, Jenny woke me touching my arm. I opened my eyes, in front of me stood Jenny, Lucy and Alison. Behind them came the other souls who lives were taken by the West’s. Standing and talking with pride, one carrying her baby in her arms. They all thank me for doing what was needed. I felt no pain, no suffering from anyone of them, just peace, glorious peace. In a blink of an eye they were gone. I laid back down with tears running down my face, not in hurt, but in complete joy. The job was done, finally complete. In the dark I said ‘Until we meet again my friends’.

To this day I've not seen or heard from the girls, why would I?  We have no need of each other now but I look forward to catching up with them when my time comes.

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