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Red Cloud was born close to the forks of the Platte River, North Platte, Nebraska. His mother, Walks As She Thinks, was an Oglala Lakota and his father, Lone Man, was a Brulé Lakota chief. 

At a young age, Red Cloud fought against neighboring Pawnee and Crow, gaining much war experience. Red Cloud life was exceptional, doing a deal for lands with the President of the day. Later in his life he became chief to the Lakato tribes, and if you go to the Pine Ridge agency today, you will see everything is named in his honour.


the spirit guide 

Red Cloud joined Estelle Roberts, his first medium, in the 1930's.  

They frequently sold out the Royal Albert Hall to Kings, Queens and dignitaries from around the world, including famous celebrities of their day like Houdini, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle and the King of Greece.


Red Cloud’s words were spoken from coast to coast and the Evening Standard newspaper wrote articles on his  prophecies and teachings on the future of mankind. Red Cloud became the leading spirit guide to teach man how to live in peace, harmony and bring about spiritual well-being. 



Born: 1822-1909

Tribal War leader of the Oglala Lakota Sioux Nation


Susan and Red Cloud have been together since Susan's birth in the 1950's. 

Red Cloud has taught Susan about Spirit and the Afterlife, and what lies in the unknown universe. Red Cloud and Susan are experts in this field of spiritual knowledge. Susan has worked with government agencies of the world in support for mankind and the worlds future.


Red Cloud is a highly evolved Spirit and Susan consciousness is regarded  to be unique in her ability within this field. Many in the field of science are fascinated by the way she is able to work at such a high level of consciousness to gain the information required by government agencies.

Susan is the only UK's Direct line spirit medium. Since the seventies Susan has not stopped touring and has kept Red Cloud's voice alive.


Red Cloud teaches every week in his circle by using Susan as his channel. Their incredible way of working together is amazing, they truly are as one.  


His work is as profound as always, no matter what time has passed. You really need to be in his present to hear him speak on all things, from world events to personal growth.


His mission is still the same as always...Peace for all. 


Red Cloud mission started seven years before 1914. At that point the world of spirit sent out a call to the far corners of the universe, seeing war clouds gathering and knowing the law of cause and effect, we as volunteers, entered onto your earth upon a stage of darkness and despair.

I volunteered and was not alone. We were loaded down so we could walk the earth with man and in doing so gave up some of our life to help the species you call human. I arrived back on earth like so many have done since, but do you realize that my mission here is to get man to see the glory of the divine, to help man to understand his life and why he came into the body and to explain the soul journey, but most of all to let you know that you have never been alone and that you and your world can and will live in peace and have eternal life forever more.

 We see man is still Ignorant of taking personal responsibility. The law of free will and the laws of love that govern the universe. I am here to help you understand yourself and that the laws of yesterday, today and forever more cannot be changed.

All of the old saints of yesterday taught you knowledge. I as Red Cloud wish to bring you also new knowledge of man existence of life and the creation of man, of how you came to be, the future of man and of the home you call earth. I am here to fulfill the laws, to bring comfort back into the hearts of man and for man to see the first law, 'love ye one another', to bring back the light in man and in doing so you will begin to master yourself and set yourself free.

Come with me on a journey of the soul and self,to find out who you really are, a being of beauty and light, everlasting for evermore.


Many blessings

Red Cloud

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