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No person under 18 can receive a reading and anyone who has mental health problems.

We would always advise when seeking a Spirit medium, you do it when you feel the right time is for you.

Grieving is a long process, so please be aware of your state of mind.

All spirit mediums should be able to give you validation of life after death.


Susan cannot be held responsible for the information that is given from spirit to the sitter, within a consultation or any live events, including all social media sites.  


Due to the nature of spirit, times and events cannot be guaranteed. What Susan can do, is to create the most effective environment to connect to your loved ones possible.

If seeking to change a life style spiritually, please speak to Susan first to make sure that the classes are suitable for you. And that Susan’s consultancy is the best place for you.

Spirits role is to provide guidance by bringing comfort and closure to many of life's issues. You will not be given all the information about your life, only what spirit feels is relevant at the time and these may be months or years ahead.

Please note: Due to the law in the UK, this work is for Entertainment purposes only!

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