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Over the course of my career as a spirit medium, I've spoken to millions of souls that live within the spiritual realms, those whom have lived upon earth and many other souls that live within the realms of the universe. My connections are endless, from the words of those who have lived and are passed into the spirit.

Over these pages you will read stories of those whom have lived and died, and wished to return bringing information on their lives from beyond the grave.  My connections do not only go into this century but others. The heavens are endless and I have the ability of direct line, which enables me to make contact with all, not just some. I have been privileged to work at a high level within my own work as well as being used for government agencies. Due to this, the information has to be correct for all concerned.

I am blessed with an ability where those in spirit from the famous, political, science and Royals have spoken to me, not only because they have been called upon but through their own choice as well.

Please read these stories of those whom have gone ahead of us and are returning to tell the tell of life ever after.


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