Susan Devere


Susan DeVere has over five iconic decades in the spiritual business performing as a successful Master Spirit Medium.

Susan brings clear validation on life after death within her one-on-one Readings,her group events and television and theatre shows.

Susan has been a public speaker on all things spiritual for world governments and mankind.

2018                   2 Evolve  spiritual classes

2018                   The Spiritual Teaching circle

2018                   Master class Series

2017                   Predictions on world events come true!

                           (  marriage of harry, political world and weather earth changes)

                           The world media call Susan the "New Nostradamus"


2017                   "Woman of Spirit Tour"

2017                   Master Class series                               

2016                  'Through The Years' Tour

2015-16:             Spiritrews.

2014                   Susan predicts:

                           USA election for President

                           exit of the UK leaving Europe

2013-15:             'Woman of Spirit' Tour with Shaun Promotions

2011-12:             The "Awakening" show

2000-10:             The "Woman of Spirit" Tour


2009-10:             'An Audience with Susan Devere. Handy TV  Promotions

2006-06:              Ipswich Murders

2003-04:              'Is There Anyone There?' Tour

1990-00:              The 'Circle of Life' Tour


1995:                    Fred West Murders

1994-98:              'An Audience with Susan Devere'  Tour

1994:                   'Secrets of the Paranormal' TV series  BBC

1994                    'An Audience with Susan DeVere.  Laurie O Leary Promotions


1980-Present       Freedom Spiritual Teaching Circle

1980-90:              'The Circle of Life' Tour

1987                     Agenda 21

1983                     Toured with Doris Collins


1980-Present        Private Consultancy

1975- Present       Spiritual Churches Served UK & International

1970-85               Toured with Doris Stokes