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Legendary Spirit Medium Susan Devere is celebrating 55 years since her debut show and being in the spotlight of the Spiritual entertainment business, performing as a television performer, and public speaker. Best known for her tours and stage shows, she has continued to maintain relevance, remaining an instantly recognizable figure across the globe.

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Throughout my life I have felt so honored that people have shared so many of their personal experiences with me.

My heart has broken many times as I’ve read or listened to their stories.

I'm touched deeply, and relate to whatever the heartache one suffers, but there is an attitude of determination and hope for all, that helps us survive all of our challenges. I know personally, that by keeping this constant prayer of faith lit within us, that Spirit will see us through. This sustaining fact helps us when our hearts and dreams are broken, even in those darkest hours.

It is said, that we will never be given more than we can handle, which comforts us to know "you Can Do This".

Through every difficulty we overcome, these words are imprinted deeper and deeper in the very fiber of our souls. With this kind of faith we can become stronger in the knowledge that your loved one's will walk by your side, even carry us when needed. My belief has turned into knowing throughout working for over sixty years with spirit, and handling your life’s challenges. And with my knowledge has turned into the wisdom that has made me the very best elite spirit medium from the divine.


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