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Susan Devere is the Only UK Elite Spirit Medium to have Direct Line Contact from your loved ones. 

A personal message from Susan

Spirit are My Medicine

I’m a woman who tries to follow her intuition. Red Cloud, back in January 2020 said to me, ‘You need to stand up now child, You need to speak about life, about what is to take place in this world, but most of all tell the truth of what I have taught you, on what you have seen and worked within. Disclose all that has been hidden from humanity and tell them about the elite, the Black watchers....

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A personal message from Red Cloud 

Freedom ... Stand up and be counted.

It gives me no satisfactions at all, to see this world in such lock down. I have channeled for spirit for over fifty years now, my life has unfolded into unbelievable topics that I never knew existed. For the last thirty years I have been reporting on how we would live in the future and how man would be fulfilled. I could never imagine how the events today would become at such a early stage within there game plan.

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What's New... 

Predictions 2021 and The Outcome of the Vaccine

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Still Open for Business...In-person or Virtual

I read for clients across the UK and around the globe. Readings work in exactly the same way, It doesn't matter where you are, you always connect to your loved ones.  

I have a huge global client base, which displays my exceptional ability and proving spirit really are with everyone. If you are needing guidance on life, work, health and everything in-between, book a Private Reading over FaceTime today - book your appointment here.

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Covering a complete range of areas - you can learn more about Red Cloud, Meditation, Circle and much more here




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