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Susan Devere is the only UK spirit medium to have Direct Line Contact from your loved ones. 

Susan has spent five decades in the spiritual entertainment business, performing as a successful Stage Spirit Medium, a television performer and a public speaker on all things spiritual. Susan is known as the 'New Nostradamus' for her spot-on predictions, and by assisting government agencies on topics such as Agenda 21, infamous murder cases including Fred West and the Kray Twins, Susan has become an instantly recognizable figure in the Spiritual field across the globe.

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What's New... 

Private Readings Have Gone Global!! 

Lately I am being asked to read for clients around the globe even more than usual. Just last week I read for clients in Australia, the US and India to name a few, displaying my exceptional ability and proving spirit really are with everyone. It doesn't matter where you are - we can always connect!  Readings work in exactly the same way and are held via FaceTime.  If you are looking for a Private Reading over FaceTime or by Whatapp - book your appointment here.


Red Cloud and I continue to lay down the future for man; check out the latest prophecy here

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Covering a complete range of areas - you can learn more about Red Cloud, Meditation, Circle and much more here




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