Susan Devere is the only UK spirit medium to have Direct Line Contact from your loved ones. 

Susan has spent five decades in the spiritual entertainment business, performing as a successful Stage Spirit Medium, a television performer and a public speaker on all things spiritual. Susan is known as the 'New Nostradamus' for her spot-on predictions, and by assisting government agencies on topics such as Agenda 21, infamous murder cases including Fred West and the Kray Twins, Susan has become an instantly recognizable figure in the Spiritual field across the globe.

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Prophecy 2020 

Do you want to know what is to come? Then check out the Prophecy page. 

Susan and Spirit are on a mission. The revolution. 

Private Readings Over the Phone:

If you have booked a Private Reading but would rather have the reading over the phone, then please let me know.

You can either send me a message on Facebook Messenger or email: susandevere@hotmail.com. 

The Master Class Postponed

Unfortunately, due to the current global crisis, I have decided to postpone

The Master Class until late Autumn. 

A private reading session is scheduled for one person for 30 minutes and the current fee is £50.

Spirit Connections 


Mindful Meditation 

Agenda 21

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