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CHIEF RED CLOUD - Words of Wisdom 

From Susan And Red Cloud - June 2020 

Freedom ... Stand up and be counted.

It gives me no satisfactions at all, to see this world in such lock down.


I have channeled for spirit for over fifty years now, my life has unfolded into unbelievable topics that I never knew existed. For the last thirty years I have been reporting on how we would live in the future and how man would be fulfilled. I could never imagine how the events today would become at such a early stage within there game plan.

The idea for spirit to play its part was to get you all to see that there is a hidden hand playing within your lives that you were unable to see, that finally would show its hand and you would wake up to the True reality of your lives upon earth, and as you can see, so little of you have woken!

You are looking at extreme tyranny in the controlling of our race, and the lives you lead. For all my life within this work the abuse has been exceptional and the law of this land now has placed this work as entertainment! I for one have never found death as entertainment, or the grief of those left behind. This work is and has always been seen as loony, from those who read tea leaves to today, as those who give messages from spirit. However you seem to try there's always some dick out there trying to find fault.

I have led the way with so many folk whom have woken up to the experience of self discovery of the True facts which man lives under. Many now are leading a way forward to show you the world that is true in Technicolor! The true facts. I applaud them for stepping into the unknown as shaking hands with life and just going for it. True warriors.

Now Red Cloud has asked you to make a stand. To connect the dots to all that has been given so that you see the correct picture upon your screen. So what ever you think you know, to how ever it has been given (re: spirit, governments, extraterrestrials, prophecy) you must all start to connect together, or you will not survive this wave of change to come.

You need directions and you need help NOW with understanding what facts are true and what's false.

Spirit is the direction and only that. You do not need second hand information that you will never know if true of not. Red Clouds words have always, over all my life time, been true. True within the work regarding your lives, and earth prophecies. This is a opportunity to see what is right within the work you do, so to help you lead the way forward to your purpose upon earth, whether you are a medium or teacher of stating facts of a higher source we are here to help you and show you a way forward within this plan.

The sight of man distrust within in you is growing,and you feel unable to know what's real and what's not. You cannot keep saying words without action. You need each other now to have a safe haven to go to. Those whom can shelter you, those who's walk has taken them where you will tread.

If you have messenger or email then message us for those steps to begin.

We stand together, for man's freedom and peace... Peace in all things


Susan and Red Cloud

Given to you from Red Cloud - 4th March 2020 

As your world around you changes, we in spirit are asking to help you. To see you through this life into a world that man is unsure of, and even does not know exist as yet...Your future.

Over hundreds of years, we have chosen a select few who have been placed amongst you who have a frequency code like no others. Since the late 1800’s, we are aware you see this spiritual world as contact with those that have passed over, and we have allowed this to continue within this framework as it works very well, with channels able to receive messages from loved ones.

However, there are very few of you who know the real reasons this work is placed upon earth.

The true meaning of this work began at the beginning of humanity, when everyone’s birthright would always have the ability to have contact with your God and your higher self. Your creation is of Divinity. To live a life and to keep returning so the species can arise. Therefore, to live amongst those whom dwell within the Universe. Throughout time, man has reached many chapters in this spiritual development and has remained sted fast.

However, from the beginning those whose abilities were at a sufficient rate of communication between world's were chosen to have the right to bring into being the way your world would develop, through the governments over centuries of time, giving and showing the way forward for Man to live here. It has grown up within your religious households as the word of God and spiritually as the higher self. Over man's history those that have held great power in governments including today, seek these realms for guidance and it is documented that many back in time used great channels to lead a way forward.

We are aware that your spiritual world has held many truths from you as your evolution has had to be at the right frequency code for man to experience the changing shifts that are about to take place. For many of you, you will have felt a feeling of jurist and unease that has spread over the earth. In words of man "not happy with his lot."

As you step forward spiritually, you will come to understand that your knowledge of such spiritual matters hold no waters now, as things upon earth change greatly, and so we see you rushing to find these hidden truths.

Throughout history, many great channels have been chosen for purposes greater than your eye can see. Susan is such a one. She is what we call an original. There are only five across this earth and as she is placed for me to be at the head of her, we are here for you. We do not stand alone. As  I stand here to not only teach you but to lead the way forward, we are also accompanied by Metatron and Michael. All wishing to help serve man to his best of knowledge.

Susan is what we call a breed that is crossed. Susan is extremely exceptional in her field of work and is highly regarded for her high standard of work.

Susan has worked in many fundamental attachments with world governments’ work, and although you may only know her as the Spirit Medium whom you have seen on TV or in person, Susan has lifelong experience of working with government issues worldwide. She is now ready to help show you the way forward, with spirit at the realm.

We understand that many of you are working within these realms to fulfil your needs but there are little whom stand up to be counted. Many of you see and hear of exceptional issues relating to spiritual matters, as well as government issues, but do not understand it meaning or how this has been passed to you. As your frequency changes and you become aware of changes to what you see and why, you will need to seek help to the knowledge of a great source. We are just that. For those of you that channel already, your coding will not suffice your input of information that you will be contained, so you will need advice on how to handle such knowledge.


As I have spoken on many issues regarding this earth and it's way forward lately, it is now time for me to address you. Please do not under estimate Spirit; we will speak the truth on all things. We hear your call and we have stepped up. Do not scream and shout at us; do not say our name in horror. If you have a need then come to us with dignity and honor in prayer. We will listen.

We speak the truth.  Susan is a channel of profound information regarding your world changes.

Please listen.

My mission is and has always been to deliver peace in whatever way I can. We sit upon the hand of God. You have not been forgotten.

We know throughout the earth you are losing family members to this virus and we hear you. Our concern is to keep you going to know life still carries on. For those of you whom have the loss of your loved ones here, please note that within a moment of time they will return by your side. You are never alone. You were blessed with prayer on creation; now use it to connect to God and your kin.

We know you will have many questions regarding life and death.

Please do not abuse this channel as you abuse us.

I Red Cloud, Chief of the Oglala Sioux will not let you down.

Blessings. x 

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