Covid 19 and The Vaccine - Part Two 

It is my intention to speak The truth to humanity. It's is my job, as a walker for The elite to speak on what lies ahead to help you prepare . The difference with myself is that I work within these realms, and your all looking for information from outside in the world. I delivered Agenda 21, If you chose not to listen then that's your own choice. I have always stood for man in all forms, to bring peace to us all, to end death and give us the freedom we deserve.

Due to this vaccine being created over many years and was not as your believing as yesterday, it has been given many trials on humans but mostly on those who were on death row. Those whos lives, were incarcerated due to hideous crimes, so was regarded as punishment. A few died, but a few went into madness, with the chemicals controlling there minds into what you would regard as mind blowing out of body control, In fact to take you from one frequency coding to a high one in no time at all.

In regarding this procedure naturally, it takes a life time just to shift minutely the conscious realm in humans, so in reality it can and does drive you in sane. In my field it naturally opens on birth and due to my expertise, I am now downloaded daily to keep up with demand. So in reality the same as you download your stuff on your PC. My programmes are many and there's not much I cannot obtain in information, regarding your lives. Working within a structured of what is needed at the given time. Walking on a time line and presenting myself at points of interest to and for the elite.

So this vaccine has been developed for not only to clear out the old, sick and vulnerable, but so that it's start a process for the human species to expand there consciousness In to realms of technology to connect your programming to those that are awaiting you within the universe.

For those of you who thought there was a ascension coming, You were right about the DNA change, the only thing is how it would before you all. As I have said there's no ETs coming to save you.

With this new AI Technology you haven't had much problem with the little that's already turned up. Nearly every child has a phone or pad, and you haven't felt it was doing any harm to them... 

There's so much poring into your laps to come. Mostly will be voice activated. But Your just starting to see this now.

So the vaccine is booked to bring the FIRST PHASE IN...


The Genocide of Humanity

This is to bring about this vaccine, firstly by desire, then mandatory.

It will contain a new coding and be able to vibrate within your nervous system and cells.

There will be many jabs, I've seen at least five in a short time.

Once switched on, meaning the coding is connected to the grid, your matrix, then your see if your coding is connected to those whom they wish to survive here on earth. Please don't think that they wish to kill you all. That's not the plan, but to clear up this earth and take out the rubbish as much as possible. If you cannot give back in any form you will be terminated.

What sits behind it all is a plan to streamline your lives to get you under control. A clean and perfect world that's according to the laws they make.

By February March and April you will be queuing up to have this jab. From then on the way forward turns in to PHASE TWO...



Phase two is to streamline you what you have and hold dear.

So your jobs, your business, what you will have studied for or built over your life time. Whether small or medium-sized, you will already, unless your a large business see that the government are making you close shop due to this hoax of a pandemic, to bring you to your knees so that this phase can control you and the money you live on, which in time controls the roof over your heads.

There going to take your homes, if you own it fully you maybe ok for a while, but for those whom are in a live mortgage you will have extremely difficult times ahead due to lack of work.

The intentions are you all rent, own nothing and that the job market will only be offered to these children's that are in the high points system of schooling, which is coming. (A change of how the children work, it's graded by points) All other workers will have to take what's on offer or go WITHOUT. And I mean without!

As you know, I spoke on the dentation centres back in January, and I believe many of you have found documents containing the details of the said items. Im sure over time many items of what I can tell you will arise. There is more about the vaccine details to how they control it to come but at this time I'm unable to speak . Spirit.. Red Cloud wishes for you all to know that your not left alone. But this is your time to stand to take control before it's gone, and your be surprised how quickly this goes.

Not having a voice is something we all have to live with, we all sacrifice ourselves for others. We repress who we are, some thing of our natural self is always lost. It is not a choice to serve within this life, its our duty.

To do nothing to say nothing about this controlled existence is the hardest job of all. It requires every ounce of every thing you will have, to be impartial, not human not natural.

Red Cloud and I speak on many matters, and often when we do, many people declare their point of view and say that it can not be.  However, from the view point of Rec Cloud who has been given the honour of helping to guide humanity during crucial moments in history, we suggest you sit up and listen.

This is why Spirit have their own feelings on the agenda and the overview of the Elite, who controls them. 

They to are controlled within the matrix just as much as you and I.

There is no freedom on death .

© 2019 Susan Devere. All Rights Reserved.