The Outcome of the Vaccine

The vaccine comes in two strains within the One unit.

One being of the virus itself, and the other being the smart dust.

The first vaccine;

 The virus is man made and even though you may have never contracted this virus, you now are having it pumped straight into you which in many cases will give you a fever and for some a rash, and make you poorly for at least 5-7 days, similar to flu. In those that have underlying heath issues you will be prone to having pneumonia, which for many will take you from this life. Spirit have seen a lot leaving life due to this.

It has been tried and tested on animals first, then humans. It sits within the body as a alien form of disturbing our natural rhythm. This brings blockages within the body and its energy field's. It starts to erode the body, and brakes down your recovery time on your cell count, to help healing yourself commence. Where the cells are able to fight disease, your body finds it in many cases impossible to connect to the natural healing you possess within. So the outcome is huge diseases rise within the frame of humanity.

By September 21 onwards, there is an amazing amount of pneumonia cases reported with chest and lungs infections, due to taking on this vaccine.

At the start of children having the vaccine, it will be on your consent (parents), but as time moves forward it becomes mandatory. The children will be given a much milder dose, making it more pliable for younger ones to take on board. There will be a few children with underlying health issues, that will take them into major health issues and in some cases death.

Remember there only interest is the children, as they are the future...


Information on government papers can be found dating back to 2015 about this programme of the culling of humanity and it's practice. 2023-25 it's all completed in countries world-wide. By this time you will have been vaccinated at least five or six times so the programme is complete.

By this time next year ( December 21) this has become mandatory.

You will need to have this vaccine if you wish to work, travel and have medication.

If you refuse delivery of the vaccination program then you will be placed in a detention centre and for many spend your lives in prisons, where families are broken up for good.


The other part of this vaccine; 

 The particles of what spirit see (smart dust) as being used within you like a antenna.

Your own Wi-Fi is the way they will connect you to the grid, for a higher dose of consciousness. But there downloading of thought matter... Mind control.

The particles sit upon your nervous system, and just like your TV is programmed to accept its Ariel, so will your original coding do the same. (Original..soul..Matrix..programme)

It plays out as this...

You firstly will not note to much change as the switch on is subtle. You will experience blank moment's, and not remembering things that you have done. You will become over sensitive to things that you never were, over emotional, and get upset easy.

Your sleep pattern changes, as this is where you will be downloaded, with Information that is to control what you do.

Days will fill that they have disappeared, and time flies.

You won't see what's changed at first, but bit by bit it evolves into a new programme of thinking. How you react to things, your likes and dislikes. Your thoughts will become there thoughts, and as like dream state, your are un aware of too much change, you will see it in others first, before yourself.

Can you change this...?

Everything here is a magnetic field, so to break the coding, of pulsating within you, you will need a huge magnet to change it, which is an impossible task, as most magnets are not strong enough to do this, well especially ones that can be carried around on your person. I'm not saying it can't be found but we haven't seen anything.

Think your tv... Your channels, now and again they get disrupted due to the weather, atmosphere etc. This vaccine program is made up similar to the frequency programme of a antenna to download information, so you need to disrupt the signal. Remember what I've always said, KEEP IT SIMPLE... So your looking to block the signal, that's all there is to this... So to break it, you must start with breaking the magnetic field.


Another thing to consider....what happens to spirit? 

As your conscious changes due to this vaccination over time, and you go off to spirit, this will have a huge knock on effect in spirit.

This is the start where the heavens/spirit/ the dead become quite. As your controlled here, also your controlled on entering into the spirit. The coding of you will be switched off. So your family, alive or dead, will not have any or very little recall of you, themselves and the life just lived. You will sleep forever... Switched off

Something to think on!

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