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The De-Humanization Programme

The first Phase


Ready from February 21 onwards, many will receive this, but not all, it's set on your DNA and can detect what needs to be taken out! Old, sick, disabilities.

Autumn 21 another wave, this sets man against man, So it starts to become mandatory.

Within the next two years it's all complete.


Within the next 5-10 years the world populations are decreased by half, if not more.


Your be placed into districts and be deported back to your birth country.

Once the death toll has arisen, no matter of age or sex, with what's written on your original birth certificate, your be deported, and held in a detention centre where no family can be found.

Your birth certificate will become your origins, whether you know anyone there or not. You will be transported back to the original birth country, leaving family behind, children and adults alike.

This is where a head count will give them a controlled system, as to roll out the needs of what's left standing.

You have a value on your heads, to the country you were born in. This is so important to all countries, as its about how much they get for you financially. Your a commodity. If there are more humans alive in one country than another, then the more funds each country will get. 

You will be placed back in your original birth country, as you will be governed by that country for work, food, housing etc. 

They will continue to buy and sell you, as you are still a slave race.


For both men and women.... men three out of five will have no sperm count and women cannot support life within the womb, with huge terminations and deformed babies coming, to those whom do not terminate.

A child will only be born to all those whom are free of disease.

But the children will not be as your partners, they will chosen using the DNA coding to bring white humans in without diseases.

You will only be able to have a child if there's a need, and that this will have a controlled structure of control within, due to the DNA coding placed .

For woman you will see that your a carrier for a host, and if chosen they will take this child from you, and it will be raised by the state.

For those who are from the gay community, you will experience being targeted, for your way of life, but mostly the men.

The Elite only see males committing the sex act as a crime, so on this you also will be sterlised.


The matrix to adjust your thinking program , within all humans, by AI give the species AI intelligence of controlled matter of thoughts.... Mind control.

you will have no memories of the past and your lives . 


Soon your internet will be blocked and you will see there are restriction on all searches including what you see, whom you connect with, and who you speak with on your phones, texts etc

You will not be able to speak to those outside your district no matter where you are in the world, you will never hear of what's occuring outside your districts.

You will only be given a code for working purpose, to communicate outside your district.


Within the Districts, you will be told about the laws, and culling of your kind - more information to come on this topic. 

You will all wear a uniform grey/black in colour with a sign of your districts over your left breast.


There's a culling programme coming to all A and B categories prisoners worldwide. A vaccination program to bring death to those whom are useless in anyway. 

This will not go out into the media - they will be given a 'vaccine of death' and the prisons will become empty in preparation but this will not be spoken off. 

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