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First off, Happy Grandparents Day to those of us who have joined this beautiful club. It’s pretty amazing, isn’t it?!

Whether it’s your day or you are honoring your sweet Grandparents, how do you plan to spend it? I being Nanny!

As I ponder on this day the valuable lessons I’ve learned from my dear Grandmother, my mind is filled with so many memories. I especially love the few photos I have of her. It’s not like today where everything is captured instantly at the touch of our smart phones. My Grandfather died when I was born so I've only seen him a few times in the spirit. So I grew up knowing him through his photos. She showed me the few pictures that she had, she would always tell me about their love story. With a beam of pride in her eyes, she would say affectionately “He loved my hair and isn’t he so handsome!". 


We have all learned incredible pearls of wisdom from our Grandparents, but in addition to my spiritual knowledge, my love for knitting, sewing and crafting were learned traits from Grandma. She used to make beautiful garments and took the time to sit and teach me how to sew them. I made some very special ones for my own children back in time.

When I was young the glue that kept us together was my grandma, and the oil that separated us when we children being not so grand to each other.  Particularly, when we got into quarrels.  Grandma also believed that contention should be resolved prior to going to bed.  She subscribed to the notion that we should never dwell in the past, always seek for a happy future... and that we should choose our paths wisely...

Sometimes forgiving is easier said than done. Have you ever made a mistake that for a long time you simply cannot let go of or forgive yourself? Or maybe there’s something difficult to forgive someone else of, especially if they’ve done something that really hurt you or someone you love? I know how difficult it is but it really is so important to forgive. Bitterness and resentment hold us back from reunions and can actually work overtime to even make our bodies ill.

It’s important to keep reminding ourselves that if we keep forgiving others, even when we feel it’s difficult. Pride, animosity, hatred and mistrust arising from bad blood over the years—mixing these in with built up anger, can block us from understanding our true selves.

live to see the miracles of repentance and forgiveness, of trust and divine love that will transform your life today, tomorrow, and forever. Don't wait till your dead, thinking all will be resolved, it won't!

“... This one thing I do try to focus on daily is to, forgetting those things which are behind, and reaching forth unto those things which are before.

The blessings can be so immensely great and real, so much so, that on this day, let us not WALLOW on what others have done to hurt us, or perpetuate our pride by pointing out other people’s misdeeds. Let us use the mistakes of yesteryear, for this is a crucial part of the repentance process. Let us instead press forward to the miracles, relationships and other great events that lie ahead. Get past what has hurt us and leave it behind us. Forgive and forget... it’s time to turn to a new page in our life’s book. After all, we are the authors that are responsible for documenting our earth’s journey. We can’t start the next chapter of our lives if we keep reading the last one over and over again!


So on #Wisdom Wednesday, let us honor the wonderful legacy of our Grandparents with leaving us with great wisdom.


Slipping through my fingers!

I absolutely love this picture, look at my darling children. But I have to be honest with you, when I looked at this picture I thought, “where has time gone? Wasn’t it yesterday these sweet little ones were my own children?” I’m so thrilled my kids are married to wonderful people and have started families of their own, there’s no greater joy on earth...

But...Where did the time go?

Time is something we talk about ALL THE TIME! For instance; ‘Do you have time?’ ‘What time is it?’ ‘Let’s make time’, ‘I don’t have time right now’, ‘Time is of the essence’, ‘It’s time to go!’,  ‘It’s about time!’, ‘Time’s up!’.


There’s more... but what I do know about time is God gave ALL of us the same amount of minutes in every hour. Those minutes are the same no matter if you’re at work, cleaning the house or sitting through a movie... but they can sure feel different, don’t they? When my children were little time seemed to stand still, but as soon as they started school time just flew by. I feel like it took 90 years to go from nappies to senior’s school, but then to drivers permits and college then weddings and babies... wow... it flies in a heartbeat. I believe if we spend our mortal time wisely, growing in knowledge and refining our character so we love one another and serve we live better lives. We need to take the time for our inner spirit to lead the way forward.  I personally believe time exist in ways we cannot know as yet, and that time may be on a loop and that we can time travel.

I certainly can’t slow time down (believe me I’ve wished for it) but I can do things that will make my time more meaningful... and I want to stress this as strongly as I can, you do not have to do huge things to have meaningful experiences with other people! There have been many times in my life that just giving the people time is enough. I was never in a hurry when it came to speaking to people.

Giving your time is often a split second decision, and in that moment we can say a kind word to a stranger or send a text of gratitude to a friend, stopping on the way out the door to hug your child or look into your spouse’s eyes and say I appreciate you... it's small moments like these in your day that can make a big difference in your life. But I know that the time spent in those moments will be the best parts of your day! Remember you won't get this time back don't waste it. Live the life that gives you contentment and peace. 👍😊

If no one has told you yet today, know that I appreciate you for being a part of my existence on earth sharing this experience. 


“Thy word is a lamp unto my feet, and a light unto my path.” (Psalm 119:105)

This passage is a great metaphor. ‘WORD’ is the word of one knows what the actual word is but the scriptures brighten our soul when we are in the dark. The ‘lamp unto my feet’ represents guidance so we can see where we are headed while we walk in darkness, and the ‘light that shows us the path’ is the brightness of hope. Spirit are always guiding your way forward into the unknown. The realms of so many possibilities of what can become of you. I have tried over these years to read all scriptures of all beliefs. You never know what will pop up along the way to happiness and I'm blessed to receive those special scriptures that speak to our hearts so that we may safely reach our destination.


As a child, my mother read the written WORD. As a young adult, I found great strength in the commandments, even though the world that I grew up in was very different and complicated. When I read the stories about the bad choices people made in the texts and how they changed their lives for the worse, I came to a deeper understanding that God does not change. He is the same yesterday, today and forever.

As a young mother, I would recite scriptures and read them with my children. It provided insight, not just for them but they also helped me find the strength to carry on in life. Every time I read them, I found something different, something unique as though they were speaking directly to me. If you’re lonely, if you’re struggling or if you just need a friend then turn to spirit and your loved ones whom are passed over. Pick up some spiritual books and read from the wisdom of all that's gone. It will not disappoint you.

If I know one thing, it is that the ways of the world may change but your spirit lives on. Developing a relationship with yourself is one of the hardest thing that you may do. So many of us dislike what our lives are and have become. I'm a great believe in prayer as I know spirit hear your prays, whether they answer is another story, but as human we must strive to exist the best we can come what may. Without the light that spirit bring to our lives we would live in complete darkness. So when turning on your lamps or candles tonight, give a thought to who may guiding you through your darkest hours, we can find light through the word of God.

Have a relaxing week. I would love to know what your favorite spiritual text is so do get in touch on Facebook or Instagram.

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