Predictions 2020 

The following information was given to Susan by Red Cloud - May /June 2020 


Starts middle September/October 2020 worldwide, and has a greater effect on humanity, this takes more lives of all ages, not just the elderly. Higher death toll expected worldwide.

Lockdown will happen quickly, and last longer than expected untill March/April 21. Then slowly we start to recover again.

Christmas will be none and void, so those with children, buy a gift and store it away.

The children return back to school in September 2020, but shortly are back being home schooled once again, so parent’s you are warned as you have your children home longer this time, and within the autumn and winter months.

It is advisable to stock up on vitamin D and vitamin K2, which you need together due to not getting enough sunlight.

As this second wave is so much more deadly than the first, you may not even be given the opportunity to step outside the door to walk the dogs and get some exercise.

The ill effects are…the lungs receive little oxygen, so feel they have collapsed. You’re fighting to breath. This is due to the exposure of the second wave of 5G being turned on, which lasts for around three months till it settles upon the earth, but greatly interferes with human man’s frequency code and brings man to his knees mentally, emotionally and physically. Some may have rashes on bodies.

For those whom are more vulnerable will be due to your own DNA soul coding.

To help yourself through this period, it is advisable to earth yourself, search for the Earthing movie  on YouTube or buy a Earthing sheet.

World Economy

Collapses November 2020, if not sooner.

Banks withdrawing funds which happens quickly; man struggles to pay mortgage, bills etc.

Millions become unemployed, and seek unemployment benefit, which happens overnight. Depression sets in.

Food banks become under great strain, as unable to provide enough foods for all.

This period last for a long time... Years!

Business fall worldwide from small to large ones. Never coming back.


Anarchy starts as economy falls

Military arrives on the streets.

Government buildings burn, including churches and Religious group's are set upon – Christians, Jews and Muslim alike. If you are different or think outside the box then you will be targeted.

The Gay community is targeted with hate and this continues for time to come. The elite wish to split and divide you, so will ask you tell the authorities that you know of homosexuals living nearby.

More homeless on streets than expected worldwide due to the economy collapsing and no work.

We start a cash less society! Worldwide.

ID Cards

Everything will be on your cards, cards that are still to be introduced to society. By February, you will know if these. By summer 21, you will be a number, a code, which you will have to show on everything you are and do.

These will have all your details of what you are, and have ever been upon them. We are entering a new system of exposure of humanity, a new way of living.

Nothing will be sacred anymore. You will become a number.

The health passport is just the start. There are bills to be passed within parliaments that man will not hear about, to get these organizations open for business sooner than later to control the population of humankind.


The schooling of your children change within the next two years, and will become a point system.

Children will be vetted for their abilities within the school's system, and the elite will choose the most well educated; those who will have choice of professional jobs that can be used within the system.

For those whom do not make the points will be told what to do for a living with no choices being given.

All adults will work a full forty hour week and children will attend school and nursery.

Parent’s maternity leave will be none and void! You will be back to work ASAP.


The benefits system will change greatly. If claiming benefit, you will not be able to be supported by the system if you have any form of savings/money. Even now, they have the right to know of your income and new laws that will be placed will hide nothing about you and what you are about. Even if you hold a foreign offshore bank account or hide money. You will be monitored everywhere you go…on your smart device that will lay within your brain cells from this new Vaccine.



To suppress the mind and immune system. There will be at least five injections over short periods of time which will be given in the right hand or arm....The mark of the beast!

The reason why  there will be so many vaccines is to make sure the smart dust, which is attached to the A.I. system, has taken within your brain as the human body throws out foreign bodies so they must repeat the practice.

 This is all due to bringing control to the world populations.

Most of human man will have the vaccine, and many will welcome it! Believing it will cure the virus that has caused much death. Whereas it is 5G! Moreover, no cure!

Detainment camps are being set up all over the earth, for those whom go against the system, and you will be sent to one if you do not follow the will of demands placed upon you or your families. Once you enter into these camps you will never return back home again.

80% of human man will follow the new system. 20% will not. For these, they will have to live off the grid, become self-sufficient as of tribe’s years ago. They will be given no help in any way, no food, no medicines or energy. These people will spend their lives in hiding.

Huge cancers rages within the body of Humanity once the effects of 5G fully are switched on worldwide.


The outcome is reduce the human population of mankind. To get it under control. To bring a new species of cross breeds out into the earth where they will breed and become man's future, as there coding is a higher level than our own, to complete the orders of Humanity which were given by the system.... The elite!


You will see that the Royals will disappear into hiding within this time.


Within two years’ you will have gone through a huge transmission of the way you live and your thought patterns. You are a slave race being placed back within this new system that will reign for years to come.

The following information was given to Susan by Red Cloud - May 2020 

As this catastrophe of world events turn, we in spirit give you the truth.

I Red Cloud have always stood for truth and honour. We stand now.

Your lives within this coming year will change and for many in a way that cannot never be the same again.

We have seen so many coming through into spirit than you are aware of and We believe the death toll will be higher than man is expecting. This brings us great sadness to know your lives have gone in such circumstances.

The strain of this virus, has mutated and now your scientist, and governments will not manage as they have expected to.

The world will be engulfed with despair, but not anarchy, as your world comes to terms with this condition.

For those of you whom this has come to your door, and have lost many. Let it be known all have arrived, and live safely, sleeping, resting.

For those whom are awaiting this, this is a time to reflect on your lives, to come to us in prayer to your God. We will hear you.

You may perceive you are alone, as not all man believes in a higher sorce. No matter to your creed or kin we walk with you, we are messengers of the highest,and your families whom have gone ahead of you stand by your side.

We are not about the destruction of the human race, but to keep the species alive.

Red Cloud.

The following information was given to Susan by Red Cloud - March 2020 

The world in turmoil....


The UK Should be on lockdown by this Monday. Military on streets to keep you in the town's and keep order.

Still months to come on this, dips down between May to June and you will believe is getting better, though the summer it feels better, but then it returns With vengeance, autumn onwards.

Schools return after summer holidays.. September!!

Pregnancy, no problem, but if mother contracts virus can be passed through blood to Newborn on birth. It would be good for woman not to get pregnant for Some time to come if possible.

This virus mutates many times and you can get it again, but seems milder.

Death toll in thousands over earth.


Headache, fever but may be mild, cough, sore throat, chest tender. Remember.. Most have this mild.



By this time next year 21, it's ready to go. But only 80% seem to have this.

All school children will have this.

A card will be given that you will carry to state you have had this vaccine.


Your services will be reduced and restricted, which will include...

Travelling, work places, schooling, medical, large gatherings.



The banking system collapses between now and September.

Your business are in disarray for months to come. And those whom think will survive small to medium business ..wont! Great money losses to come.

Those in support of benefits, do get help, but due to the length of time this crisis continuously grows, there little on offer. The system collapses, which brings anarchy. Demonstrations of dissatisfaction and riots happen.

Foodbanks will not be able to support its self.

The housing market at this moment in time is doomed.

Money less society comes... re.. Cash is gone within two years. Your buy all goods with your cards.



The society as a whole changes dramatically, after this episode.

Everything your be, will be under a number. ..

National security number, medical, food, travel, work, benefits, security. (A card)

After a time it becomes a chip insert or a tattoo or like a bar code over the wrist.

many more homeless on streets to come.

Your housing system will change to .. from Those who have .. To those who do not.

Segregating housing for the poor, to certain places in towns where your live.



Food will become rationed shortly, to one item of each product. In time the food will change as due to its traveling over seas cannot be had. So little food on the ground, but still available.

No need to panic.



Schools return after summer holidays.. September/ October.

Exams will be taken again within the next two years.

School system changes, children will be in a more controlled environment. It be like you've handed your child to the state for there educational needs.

All children will be required to have this vaccine,and will carry a card stating these facts.

No child will be able to attend any higher form of education ( university etc) without this vaccine.

All teaching will be govern by forward thinking not the past of history!




A person like a messiah comes... A man .. God sent.. Higher source being.

To lead man forward, has gifts?


Many leave and turn towards God.

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