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Predictions 2021

 Vaccine rolled out from February.

From now on the media is full of this vaccination program.

N.Ireland unsettled with it. IRA returning due to UK Government information!

Many protests, due to the vaccine being made mandatory world wide.

News of numbers of death toll over virus is known...

Travel during March and April on and off! Summer months ok April -September

No travel allowed without documentation - so all information on you having this vaccination is on a bar code, so your pop up on all entries in and out of countries.

Talk of more vaccines to come, with longitude of time within the human body.

Skin rashes are reported due to exposure of vaccine

Obama talks on the pandemic and that all Americans should be fully vaccinated.

New controls of land mass are given to those in higher office of government agencies, to prepare for segregation of when the deportation start for you all.

The start of the Heard mass of the vaccination program, is governed by your local councils and community organizations and health care professionals, start to prepare to get you all vaccinated.

From schools, colleges, work to professionals within all sectors, you will be reported if not suitable for your governing body of work, either in your own business or working for a company, if you refuse to be vaccinated.

No vaccine - no work... No money!( a health passport is coming!)

In time you will show documentation of your working details to obtain work.

In short if you want to earn money you must have this vaccine. 

If you wish to travel you must have this vaccine.

If you wish medical treatment you must have this vaccine...full stop!

Even though I've seen this in summer 21 it could come in sooner

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