Predictions 2021

The future for us and our world in 2021

Conflict of heart over vaccines to come.

Complete denial of ingredients within this vaccine over world population. They just see it like a flu jab.

If you need medication or operation, you will have to have vaccine first.


Twists and turns in the US election. Trump does not go easy! Still try's to remain in power through the Senate. Biden will try to say trump a racist. This will go down in history as deceit and deception.

Biden does despicable acts, Biden is elected but hasn't won on votes. If courts agree with Trump, Biden could only do a short term.... Remember .. It's not over till the fat lady sings!

Cannot see Biden voted in again. Harris will run for office. Harris pulls Biden's strings. She brings change in economic growth, the rape law and abortion act. Both move Godly.. So looking to pull all the religious leaders in the country,  there way of bringing back family values. Doesn't seem to do much for the blacks. Is In the same frame of Obama.


Prince Charles has operation.

New Royal marriage or remarriage

Harry and Megan have another boy, your hear by November or he due then! Only visit UK not to stay.

Kate and William looking to have 4th child

Andrews daughter; Pregnant

Allegations against Andrew go to sleep! A restrain put on him.

Maxwell will be hung out to dry! Takes a lot of blame for it! She very much aware she could be killed if she says too much. She on the cusp of it and has been threatened. Not seeing her behind bars. Could be killed.


Good summer, all open, mild winter, snow becoming a thing of the past...

Jan/Feb/March work force hit. From April onwards people looking for work is more than expected, business closing down, more to come 21-22

Very little money help coming from government.

Japanese car company in the UK goes during 21-22

Another big store chain is going. Shopping becomes a thing of the past, all goods will be online...( So get a job with Amazon or the new one coming and you a job for life!!!)

People will only go out socially to eat and drink and for entertainment.

A new company like Amazon begins, has links with the Netherlands.


Police become more military trained and are armed on street's

Storm rages over capital city in China, people protests. Reports of deaths.

Fires in California and in Australia and New Zealand rage again, as before.

Magnet field changes and you see lots of flocking of birds flying in skies. Also see mammals beaching and shoals of fish that shouldn't be there in that place!

Grey mist seen in sky due to chemical explosion. Will bring ill heath to people of the land.


Talk on lockdown coming but a small tier one!! Early in new year!... Happy days

Lockdown coming September/ October 21 (mostly tier)



You should see Vaccine rolled out February. Car parks will be used! Also military taking it onboard.

From now till next September the media is full of this vaccination program.

A Royal or celebrity has vaccination on tv to boost its ratings. Making it appear ok!

(We have been muzzled, then vaccinated, now off to Abattoir)...happy days..!

Brexit Feb/ March/ April on and off. Summer deal to be struck. Good deal with USA and France. Deals made with Americans and Ireland , also arms deal.

N.Ireland unsettled with it. IRA returning due to UK Government information!

France have a bigger fishing right, and UK draws back... Piracy is coming on the seas causing a lot of fighting!

Sickness in royal family

Many protests, due to the vaccine being made mandatory world wide.

A shooting of a politician. White man

News of a marriage of governments. France and Italy doing deals with the US and Britain.

News of numbers of death toll over virus is known...

Travel during March and April on and off! Summer months ok April -September

No travel allowed without documentation - so all information on you having this vaccination is on a bar code, so your pop up on all entries in and out of countries.


Talk of more vaccines to come, with longitude of time within the human body.

Skin rashes are reported due to exposure of vaccine

Obama talks on the pandemic and that all Americans should be fully vaccinated.

New controls of land mass are given to those in higher office of government agencies, to prepare for segregation of when the deportation start for you all.

The start of the Heard mass of the vaccination program, is governed by your local councils and community organisations and health care professionals, start to prepare to get you all vaccinated.

From schools to colleges to work to professionals within all sectors, you will be reported if not suitable for your governing body of work, either in your own business or working for a company, if you refuse to be vaccinated.

No vaccine - no work... No money!

In time you will show documentation of your working details to obtain work.

In short if you want to earn money you must have this vaccine. 

If you wish to travel you must have this vaccine.

If you wish medical treatment you must have this vaccine...full stop!

Even though I've seen this in May it could come in sooner

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