Covid 19 and The Vaccine

The vaccine has come about from the second world war. Since then, they have taken as much DNA from humans as possible, so to be able to vibrate the frequencies of the serum to your own coding, so upon this can allocate who and what they wish to remove from humanity.

Spirit know this as smart dust but in reality it's a frequency coding that will change your DNA.

For some, you may have thought it would up grade you, but in reality it will be added to your original coding, your chip which you know as soul. The soul (original chip) sits on the nervous system and this is expected to sit within this too.

THE ORIGINAL CHIP... A complete program of life and death. This is how those that are channels read, believing it's spirit that tell you the information of the person, but all the dead do is connect to the programme and see what your about. In short, it's like I type you into google, and you rise up on the matrix . Those who are dead, hardly say to much about themselves, that is due to upon there death the programme is turned down, so you can only remember little of your memories. This is why there is only two generations of the dead that mostly vibrate to yours, firstly because of memory and secondly of your coding.( And What your allowed to know 're time line of your life etc) However, myself I can access the matrix and pull other programmes, to connect to the said timeline and deliver information on whatever is asked for.

This is science in all its forms, this is why there is a huge AI programme coming, an upgrade of human.

So this vaccine is placed to take control of all your senses.

It will know where you go, what you eat, your own health and your sex life.

It will control your thought patterns..., mind control! which may sound horrendous, but your already under control, all there doing is making you aware now, of the control system man has been under since it began here for us all. That's what the awakening is!

As I have said your born to die, in that there no freedom what so ever. Live, die, repeat!

This from the start of humanity is what you have been trying to break free from.

We live to obtain everlasting life, not eternal life, As when it began here for man, they lived huge long lives, and what took place with the fallen angels and woman, a cross breeding, so we became the children of the Nephilm, and so the angels were banished into the heavens, due to man turning on them. Since then, they turned it back onto us, trapping us in a band of live, die, repeat a conscious world full of sin which is there's, not ours. This is why you die!

So no freedom of death which is unheard of within the universe.

You live in such pain of sin, there sin! Of a life that cannot fully be lived. For on death you have to say goodbye to loved ones and give up all that you were and could ever be... For what.... To do it all again! Man must see this, as this is the trap!

Over time humanity has many vaccines as the human body has the ability to throw it out.

As far as a cure for a virus that is as small as normal flu, it seems that we are all being duped into information that is not right for humanity.

For spirit to take note, to say to man, it is the most dangerous medicine that we have ever had, and if you take this upon yourself it will in many cases, cause death and great illnesses within the body, one being cancer.

We as spirit have to allow you to make your own decisions. Please honour yourself and families with prayer for guidance before you make your decisions.

Spirit have seen you all standing in line, having the vaccine over the earth.

Firstly it is given freely to those whom wish to have this, so the elderly and the young.

But your see there's not much that happens as it's not switched on for awhile, until most of humanity has had the jab.

Even though the numbers will look to drop from the media, come next autumn 21, there will be another wave and upon this, man turns on man, stating that if you were all to have this, and made mandatory all these wave of the virus would be gone for good. So upon this you are all forced to comply to the terms of what will be laid down by government rules.

I can hear you saying' I've got rights', yes you do, or should I say, you did, as over night these laws will change and there you go ... No rights at all!

For the vaccine to vibrate to your coding it needs to connect to the grid.. The grid of the matrix and 5G. To control humanity to bring man to his knees is the plan. To bring about a white superior race of beings, (sounds familiar!) to inherit the world to take there place along with those in the stars.

What was started in the 1940s has been kept alive and well. The sinister plan to control the world.

So it begins!

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