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Exposing The Dream 

New Information Given By Red Cloud -  September 2021

The heavens are in sorrow, as we walk this road with humanity at this present time of conflict within the life of you all. These words I speak, I wish you to know that we are with you through your turmoil. Man's fight has not yet began. You must fight to survive within you now.


SEPTEMBER– The Second Phase -Two paths. The vaccinated and the unvaccinated..

By NOVEMBER; your hearts will have dropped due to the program, by Christmas they have started the children's run. Feb/ March/ April 2022 most are vaccinated.  

OCTOBER.. The program will start to become mandatory; by end of year it's started. By September 22 it completely done.

OCTOBER.. the death toll is high, and there is much sickness upon earth, this continues to rise.

The vaccination program is being pushed and they will try to make it mandatory by end of this year due to the death toll.


The BOOSTER programme this OCTOBER and FEBRUARY brings you to your death, with taking on the next boosters as there are many. The booster initiates the program to become active, in respect a switch goes on. This winter is the start of humanity’s death. If you take it, then you’re dead within six months -two years, by three years all should be dead. Within next few years man will drop like flys... Mass graves, by 2030 70% of humanity is gone.

The effects on taking this program is as such... It damages the cells of the brain, but mostly to damage the conscious brain; your thought pattern. You will be brought down mentally and emotionally and it erodes the body, so to become complacent with your views of life. To become solemn so you don't put up a fight, and do as you are told. A new code added to the original coding of you to take you into another mind control. A new thinking program.

Three quarters of humanity will take this program on-board. Not realising what they’re doing. Things will become adrift out of sync with the mind, things start to shift to a level that feels like an out of body sensation, but not completely as your still attached to the body, but you will have shifted. On this shift you will see spirit and other realms. Many of you, due to your belief, will see this as a psychotic experience, and madness starts. Your own senses will be hyped dramatically. This does not return back to normal thinking you once had. Once this starts you will see yourself as a different being, not human anymore, as you move up degrees in your conscious mind. This world still remains and you will step forward into what life presents for you. You will NOT look back. It will be cut from you. The world still functions as you know, but you will see it completely different due to the programming of your mind.

The death toll continues for years to come, and they are prepared for this. In ten years from now the death toll is way lower than what we are just about to walk into. We are standing at the front door of this. You’re looking at ten years of getting man under control.

If you do not take the program you will be imprisoned. Within walls and outside.

From March 22 the demonstration against humanity worldwide changes, as new laws will have risen and imprisonment will come quickly


Death toll... Three in every household will be affected by either death or sickness.

If you get a dose of sickness being the unvaccinated, then to treat it as a flu case, and allow your immune system to work with help of doses of vitamins.

THE get the program, the unvaccinated will be placed in different classrooms, this does not remain long, as the push comes in so severe, that the unvaccinated children have such bad time of it that the pressure leads them to becoming vaccinated, and many go behind the parents back , without parental consent. The children will become so distressed that the parents will with-draw the children from school, but the government will produce a law and come after the parents. The children suffer as the parents do, no contact with friends and their schooling suffers and arguments start within families over these matters, many parents back down on this due to the pressure. You will see if the child has taken the program, then so do the parents.

Those whom are the elect to the elite do not take this program on board, and in time will be regarded to be useless individual's and done away with (as uncontrollable). Those that have elected themselves into these positions will be done for. Those on a much higher level will turn on them and they will be eradicated. (This happens not too far in time)

You will see the media tell you to keep the programme going due to the death toll, even though it's the programme doing it.... Lunacy!!


LOCKDOWN.....Start with the town's first but change to nationwide (and this is worldwide again). October, November, December; swains a bit for Christmas! January, February. By end January looks as if coming to an end…but then another one comes in ‘22! You will see police and military on your streets, keeping order. Gatherings will be small again.

Underground communities spring up like the black market. And propaganda regarding the program is everywhere..

All spiritual leaders will go underground regarding these matters for their safety and knowledge to help humanity worldwide to keep going.


FOOD...becomes unavailable in places and rationed for everyone. Please note this is not what you have now, as there is food, this becomes a real shortage in time.  If you remain the unvaccinated then within two years, you will be having to shop at a certain time (this is worldwide not just UK), where you will see little food is upon the shelves, mostly night time (Worldwide). The best of supply will be granted to those in the program whom carry I.D.. The big chain shops will stop serving the unvaccinated as most will accommodate those fully vaccinated due to government laws. The unvaccinated will scramble for food. We do not feel you need to panic here, but look into how to store foods wisely.  

Religious and spiritual leader’s worldwide talk, saying it’s the way forward for humanity to have the program. Upon this many follow their leaders advice. They believe it’s the way to heaven! And God given right to have order. (Even though they have broken the Covent seal all are under - yet another story you haven't been told!).

LAWS...between now and March of ‘22 change quickly. The UK are some of the first to bring changes to the people, other countries follow.

The benefit system changes it will not be easy to obtain monies. You will be having to show you can’t work, no excuses, no stating that just because you are not in the program and cannot get work will hold up. At least till the program is made mandatory.

The unvaccinated will never get a high paid job, it will be low in wages all the time. No matter to your experience of education. The vaccinated will take the high and medium jobs while the lessor will be given the low.


MARBURG VIRUS... The Mother of Ebola!!

This is humanity’s hell, as a killer within forty eight hours you are dead.... a threat to humanity, to force you all to take the program. The first being the mother virus.

The Ebola virus is still alive and kicking in countries with black skins. Made to cull the population of these countries - a manmade virus to cause death. We know if they do not get the level of death within the next few years due to the Covid virus, then they will open up this virus to exterminate those within these countries and more. There is however a vaccine for the Marburg but to who receives it is still unknown. If there programme includes this which we say is possible, then humanity is a complete wipe-out.. Gone! Within twelve months from now you will be hearing on this. To push the fear and for man to comply. Whether released or just spoken about. You may see them change the name of this virus to come, within black skinned countries first.

PUTTING YOUR HOUSE in order and prepare for someone to look after the children if you are gone.

You must talk to the children that life goes on. Place dignity and hope, but you must place something of hope however you see it.

In the coming months you will see things tighten up greatly. This is a very solemn time to come. You will see the horror of what's to come, appears. You will take your chance of what is to become of you.

You will see that your lives are not yours anymore and that they belong to the state. You will have no control over your own community anymore, and you will abide by the new laws that will be placed. If you do not conform to these new rulings of law then you are imprisoned.

The government will order that, By Christmas they intend to make this a fully vaccinated program. Upon this man draws his arms and war begins. You will fall to your knees in despair.

This is a time of great sadness as many of you humans return back to spirit. You are witnessing a death and a birth. Man has occupied this planet as humans, now this changes. The species you know as human will be gone, and a new one arrives.. To take you into a new world, so you may join the stars.

Red Cloud...Chief of Lakota Sioux.

My Friends...Please note that both of us have done the best by walking on these timelines to help you in advance of things coming. We are aware that none of you know how this works or happens in your life or world. If a few split out, making time move, so not at that certain time but days/ weeks later, then so be it. But what we have stated will come. We do not want this to be for man, but it's written. When it's written it happens.

We would say keep your head on your shoulders, it's not finished in anyway yet. To stop this accruing the world of humans has to be on the same page.. If you feel this can be accomplished as people, then do so. But you must see this as war now. And in war many die. You must ask yourselves this ‘Will you stand and die for the man next to you?’ For this is what will be asked of you. Stand and Deliver!



Susan x

New Information and The Next Lockdown - September 2021
Given 20th May 2021

Governments will fall to there knees due to the death toll that is going to hit the earth due to the vaccine and the virus. A double whammy. As one seeks the other out. Both are made from chemical war fare. Both are designed to eradicate life here on earth.

Much death toll coming from July onwards and the next lockdown will be from September 21 to January/February 22. Christmas is as before.. Nil and void! But will talk nearer the time. This winter is hard for man due to getting his head around the conflicts that many are vaccinated but still many are not. And on this the divide will come, pushing it to become mandatory by next spring. Man against man.

Children are at school, and once the children's vaccination program is underway, (this September) you as parents with not vaccinated children, will be asked to home school your children. But by spring should be mandatory. ( if not before)

Anyone whom wishes to see families and friends please do so NOW and anyone whom wishes a holiday/ break please stay within your own country.

Food will be In short supply in time, due to the distribution around the world, as countries close there borders. Home grown fresh food here are still available but those in season.

The food supply will carry on for years, as governments in time will ration the foods out to the people, as fairly as possible. Families will get more due to the young children but single persons will not be as much.

Sickness is coming.. The vaccines are not working as expected to. ..'re to address the virus and soon the penny will drop, as you start to see just what you have taken on board, that it is to remove you from humanity, and that your consequences of actions, in believing you would be saved and life would continue, are now not as expected. Madness and mayhem and anarchy will be on the streets.

The vaccines are the first set up to produce a thought controlled species.. Mind control.. Over time the more vaccines you have will work as, 1: To play Russia roulette with your life, you live or die. 2: To allowing your mind to be controlled by A.I. Information, where you the person will become as a empty being with the human thought removed to allow the server to control your very being. The first phase is to vaccinate the world's population, with a vaccine every three to four months, to build up a force field within you so to govern the thoughts of man over time. Once the death toll has surrendered, and that they know a number of life left, then the 'reset' of life will begin. But we are looking at years to come yet. By 2023 much life has gone and by 29-30 we are seeing the deluge of humanity and the life pattern of you all changed dramatically. The death toll here is more than the two world wars put together. From here on is where the Great Reset begins...

You will see from this is where the dehumanization program has started.

The numbers of life here will be small,. And kept as.



Spirit have always spoken to those whom would listen, now is the time to prepare, as you have some time but not alot.

The economy of the world is going to collapse soon enough.

Get together like minds, so as a support network.

Have emergency budget..

Food... Tinned, dried, (with a long shelf life)


Medical/ medicine


Energy sorces.. Batteries, candles, wood, paper, torches.etc..

Personal .. Pads, nappies, shampoo, toilet rolls etc..

I am not a expert in these areas but I know that around the world many experts are now bringing a plan together for action as groups to help man survive. Whether you can see this at the moment in time but it's coming. Society will fall and the welfare state will go Please prepare.

By marching on governments around the world has no impact. This is so much bigger than you can imagine. Your world has changed now never to be the same. It's time to think of your family first now.

Covid and The Vaccine 

The vaccine has come about from the second world war. Since then, they have taken as much DNA from humans as possible, so to be able to vibrate the frequencies of the serum to your own coding, so who and what they wish to remove from humanity.

THE ORIGINAL  CODE..... A complete program of life and death, all the dead do is connect to the program and see what your about within a reading. In short, it's like I type you into google, and all information is produced . The dead, hardly say to much about themselves, as the program is turned down on death, so you can only remember little of your memories. This is why there is only two generations of the dead that mostly vibrate to yours, firstly because of memory and secondly of your coding.

This is science in all its forms, this is why there is a huge A.I. program  coming, an upgrade of human.

So this vaccine is placed to take control of all your senses.

It will know where you go, what you eat, your own health and your sex life.

It will control your thought patterns..., mind control! which may sound horrendous, but your already under control, all there doing is making you aware now, of the control system man has been under since it began here for us all. That's what the awakening is!

As I have said your born to die, in that there no freedom what so ever. Live, die, repeat!

This from the start of humanity is what you have been trying to break free from.

We live to obtain everlasting life, not eternal life, As when it began here for man, they lived huge long lives, and what took place with the fallen angels and woman, a cross breeding, so we became the children of the Nephilim, and so the angels were banished into the heavens, due to man turning on them. Since then, they turned it back onto us, trapping us in a band of live, die, repeat a conscious world full of sin which is there's, not ours. This is why you die!

So no freedom of death which is unheard of within the universe.

You live in such pain of sin, there sin! Of a life that cannot fully be lived. For on death you have to say goodbye to loved ones and give up all that you were and could ever be... For what.... To do it all again! Man must see this, as this is the trap!

Over time humanity has many vaccines .

Spirit have seen you all standing in line, having the vaccine over the earth.

Firstly it is given freely to those whom wish to have this, so the elderly and the young.


 Autumn 21, there will be another wave and upon this, man turns on man, stating that if you were all to have this, and made mandatory all these wave of the virus would be gone for good. So upon this you are all forced to comply to the terms of what will be laid down by government.

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