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How it works:  In person or join a Virtual group session 

I've taught meditation which seems to be most of my life, being spiritually led, working within a field of amazing people, being from heaven and earth.


For over five decades I've given sessions to thousands of people, worldwide.


I've been blessed to know what works and what doesn't...


My way of developing that quite voice, that inner core, that lays within the soul, being the voice you hear without knowing it, the voice that tells you, to go right instead of left, that voice that tells you when it's right for you or not. To shut out the world you exist in, to be somewhere else in time ....


The meditations are based on thought matter, as we are creative beings, we cannot shut out thoughts, but you can control and harness the thought matter quite easily. So with practical tools you will learn to balance your life into harmony.

There's no living without thoughts, so you undergo the consciousness thought of the beauty of creation, bringing the beauty from the soul within, producing a stream of thought that can work for you anywhere.


So the classes are very simply led. The idea being that once you have learnt to control the thought matter, you can meditate, anywhere! Anytime!


Just you sitting with me being led into the unknown.  Finding peace and relaxed, connecting to myself, music and spirit. To open up your senses of feelings, to let all of the days’ cares melt away. To come to a better understanding of the self.... The real you!


I cover all requirements, from introduction sessions to long term plans. My techniques are unique, and are proven to work, with sustainable benefits you can take anyway.


Meditation rewires the brain to give the individual or the team focus and feel better, yet alone motivated, happy and healthy.



You will see the world you live and work in more effectively.You will communicate more effectively because you will start to listen to yourself.



Meditation brings wellbeing, so the human body learns to self heal, as you start to listen to yourself.



I know budget is important, so every package is tailor made for either a single person or a team seeking effective wellbeing solutions.


Please contact myself for a quote and of the needs of yourself or your team. 

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