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The MasterClass

Have you ever wondered how I work as a direct-line medium? Or how human man came to exist?

Join Susan Devere to learn about the beginning of man’s existence, the link to your future and the control of humankind.


With information direct from the source, Susan has spent decades harnessing her ability to communicate with spirit and higher sources, enabling her to access higher information not known to all of man; information such as man’s evolution, ET’s and the future of our species.

Be prepared to be blown away by The Master Class.  Susan will share her highly evolved knowledge; unleashing the myths about being a ‘psychic’, what really happens upon death and the illusion of the spiritual world.

Covering a spectrum of information, relayed in a relaxed setting and easy to understand format.

You will also have the opportunity to ask questions on things you have always wanted to know.

Susan is a direct line for spirit and is known worldwide for her amazing ability.  

Be ready to have your eyes opened to a completely new world.

A virtual MasterClass will be coming in 2021 - Keep an eye out for updates here and on my FaceBook page

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