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The Spiritual Circle has come about due to spiritual knowledge being lost over time. 

Most spiritual circles have second hand information passed from one Medium to another. This has been the way with the movement for so long. I could see change was needed.

By taking the spiritual and science world forward together, spirit and I have a unique opportunity for you to have connection, with not only for your higher self and extensive knowledge but to be taught by Red Cloud himself.

We do not have an agenda. Red Cloud decides to do what he believes is right for that session. Red Cloud does not have a set pattern.


Susan has five decades of knowledge within this field and is able to teach at a very high level. 

The circle is for knowledge and spiritual development.


Why you may choose to sit:

  • Connection with spirit for inner peace, to discover the heavens and universe.

  • A natural ability and Seeking knowledge and guidance.

  • Learn about the afterlife

  • Taught by Red Cloud and not just a medium.

  • 'Live' Spirit contact every session

£90 for 6-week course

You must be dedicated when sitting with spirit.

If for any reasons you cannot make a session, your money can not be refunded.

No time wasters please.

If after the six sessions, you wish to carry on developing spiritually then you may continue to sit at a price of £15 per session.

If you are interested and would like to register to sit please contact me on:

Due to Covid restrictions, we are unable to sit at the moment, but we will be back as soon as we can! 

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